What does it do?

Haiku Deck is mobile-friendly presentation software that makes it practically impossible to create ugly slides. It’s designed around the advice of top presentation experts (for example, keeping text to a minimum and incorporating attention-grabbing visuals), and the results if used wisely, should look fantastic!

It’s not exclusively an event tech but it has the potential to greatly impact #eventprofs and their events. We’ve noticed creative folks using Haiku Deck to promote their events, and also to share sound bites and highlights. Haiku Decks can be easily embedded in blogs and websites (as we do regularly) and shared via social media.

Who’s behind it?

Team Haiku Deck is based in Seattle. There are about a dozen folks in the office who are committed to saving the world from dreadful presentations. Oh yes! How we agree with that! You can meet the Haiku Deck team here.

How did it get here?

The two founders (who happen to be TechStars alums) started out working on celebrity-based Facebook games, of all things, but their original business concept foundered. As they struggled with putting together an update for their investors, it dawned on them that presentation tools hadn’t seen much innovation since the rise of mobile devices and apps, and they shifted their focus entirely. Haiku Deck for iPad launched in August 2012, followed by a Web version and an iPhone app. Haiku Deck now has millions of fans and users around the world. including Gallus Events. Here’s a link to a few of our favourite Haiku Decks:

How To Be A Great Delegate 

10 Skills For The New Planner (with almost 20,000 views)

What Planners Demand From Event Tech 

What does it look like?

The app and the website are exceptionally easy to use. Add to that simple templates and easy to use image import and it means its a very short task to master. Making it this easy on the back end means that you really can concentrate on making the presentations look great. Here’s one that explains their whole philosophy in Haiku Deck form:

Haiku Deck

Why is it Gallus Events Event Tech of the week?

We started using Haiku Deck a few months after it launched so we are long term fans. We’ve used it at events in the UK and in Europe. We’ve also used the platform to explain changes we’ve made to clients events and we’ve used it to present our ideas to boards and teams in quite a few different organisations. But the real reason is that we’ve started to suggest it as a platform of choice for speakers at our events. So let’s spread the word about this great platform and help end terrible, terrible platforms.

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