You can’t quite imagine my anticipation as I entered Event Tech Live 2014 as a trade visitor. This was a big undertaking. Fifty odd exhibitors and a desire to attract over 1000 event profs to one day, just to see and to talk about event technology. But fear not! The penny has dropped. I think our industry has realised that event technology isn’t the answer to every problem but it does answer some of them. So here’s my quick review of a cracking show.

Educating the attendees

The first big hurdle for our industry is persuading planners that event technology is worth learning about. It takes a lot of time and effort just to start to grasp the variety of options available to a planner who is looking to innovate within their events. But it looks like we may be there, or at least getting there.

It was great to see that the team at Event Industry News had lined up some great content on the show floor. I was impressed with the panel looking at future trends and it was really interesting to hear them talk about “life after social media”. Some very stimulating stuff! And Jez from Live Union sessions are always interesting.

Good lively panel

Miquel, Ricardo, Saul and Iain made up a great tech panel.

Jez from Live Union doing his great think before you leap event tech presentation

Jez from Live Union doing his great “think before you leap” event tech presentation

Event Tech on display

I think it is crucial that you just can’t talk about event technology: you have to have it on show. And this was clearly a message Adam and the team passed on to the exhibitors. It is so important that planners see that tech in action. Most of the stands had tech on show and that really, really works.

ForgeSP's fantastic charging station

ForgeSP’s fantastic charging station

Social Playground won my vote for best stand. Totally interactive!

Social Playground won my vote for best stand. Totally interactive!

The Experience, the environment and innovation

For most visitors the first two (education and seeing suppliers) is what it is all about but we are always looking for innovation. For a show this size (a medium sized 50+ stand exhibition) it was so refreshing to see that they had no exhibition brochure. And rumour has it that an even bigger UK event exhibition will be going brochure free in 2015! That’s some creative thinking! So watch out for that announcement.

It was also great to see the iPad event registration which was provided by cvent with instant event technology the moment you walked into the hall.

I also really liked the general informal nature of the show and the stands and it was really nice of Adam to say that Tech Fest had influenced the team in most of these areas. Well, in return, we certainly learned a few things from Event Tech Live.

Great use of lighting and creatively seating at Event Tech Live

Great use of lighting and creative seating at Event Tech Live



And relax….it’s so important to remember that your attendees need some time and space to work.

Event Tech Live

With over 1000 event planners making it up the stairs of the Truman Brewery to Event Tech Live I think we can start to say that event tech has landed. It’s not quite a done deal but it does look like event technology is on the agenda.

As the curator of Tech Fest (now in its 4th year) I have a vested interest in seeing event technology shows doing well so I was super happy with the engagement!

I’ve been pretty convinced event technology is a big part of the solution for the issues we face within our events. It’s clear to me that before we help planners and event tech companies to integrate event technology we have to educate planners and this event will certainly help. Next up Tech Fest 2015 – London ExCeL 19th June.


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