What does it do?

Noodle Live “super charges your event!” Using a mobile app and linking to RFID smart badges event planners are able to add a new dimension to their events. RFID allows everyone to interact digitally at the event. Speakers can have their sessions downloaded instantly via the badge. Exhibitors can have their brochure uploaded to the attendees account via the badge. And all of this content (and actions like who is “liking” that content) can be shared on social media. Smashing!

How did it get here?

We’ve been aware of Noodle Live for a few years. The ever reliable Julius Solaris from Event Manager Blog put us in touch with Noodle Live when our event tech badge supplier (who shall not be named) dropped out of Tech Fest in 2013. Noodle Live have been around for a few years (two maybe three) but are still certainly an event tech startup. They have recently added training and consultancy to their portfolio so who knows where they will end up.

Who’s behind it?

Noodle Live is the concept and creation of Clemi Hardie. She’s one of those entrepreneurs who is not only happy to get her hands dirty but revels in it. We left her one evening (I had something very important to do I remember!) at 8.30pm still gaffer taping wires and finalising WiFi checks. Her team and her business has grown to be a major player in the UK and beyond.

What does it look like?

Here’s a link to an introductory Noodle Live video. The way they promote and explain the product is best practice as far as I am concerned. When we used them they really understood that engaging the participants was a challenge for both the event planner and the event technology company. I loved this approach!

Why is it this weeks Gallus Events Event Tech of The Week?

We received their monthly newsletter a few weeks ago and today I actually wondered in anticipation when we’d get the new one. That’s not a very common thing to think about on a Friday morning but reasons enough to call Noodle Live Event Tech of the week!

So if you are looking to power up your events and to take them truly on line and digital give Clemi and her team a call.

Info on this post. We are happy to highlight this event technology however we do not endorse its use; that’s for you to decide. We have not been paid to highlight this software we do so simply because we like it and we hope you do too. If you do use the technology please add your views and reviews. 

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