Leaderboarded the gamification specialists and their new “Event Ambassador” program provide an excellent vehicle for rounding up those people who are keen to support your event by spreading the social media buzz. To show exactly how flexible these leaderboards are we thought it would be a cool idea to ask Leaderboarded to do a board of the top 100 #eventprofs and here it is: Event Profs Leaderboard. But let’s look at the event ambassador program in a bit more detail.

What does it do?

The platform supports organisers to build an online buzz. We all know how important the “buzz” is and with this increased noise we see the “social proofing” value that it can deliver to your event. The program in a smart, automated way recognises the contribution of people and companies who are promoting your event on social media.

How did it get here?

Leaderboared are based at the Google Campus in London and they have been trail blazing the leaderboard as the heart and soul of the gamification process. They have created leaderboards for a whole host of companies and sectors. For example Glass of Bubbly use a leaderboard of the top 100 champagne producers and by placing that on their website they increased traffic to their site by over 500%. So the event ambassador program sprung from a few years of seeing leaderboards support many other products and services.

Who’s behind it?

Two fine fellows Nick Shah and Toby Beresford. While looking for a gamification expert to speak at the Gallus Event “Who Stole My Audience?” in 2014 Toby’s name kept cropping up. As well as knowing his onions on the technology front Toby has a great understanding of the power of building gamification into environments where it is yet to prosper. This is certainly the case within events. So we grabbed him for WSMA? Nick did a smashing little presentation of Leaderboarded at Tech Fest in 2014.

What does it look like?

A leaderbaord is a pretty simple thing and so it should be. A leaderboard shows images taken from Twitter in a top of the pops style countdown. Players see their names and pictures rise and fall as their support for your event is captured by the leaderboarded technology. The simplicity is a big plus for the program. It is as simple to understand and use as it is to explain to your supporters.

Why is Leaderboarded this weeks event technology of the week?

It’s great to see startups focussing on the event industry. When we see companies who have been successful in helping other industries focus their products on the world of events we feel obliged to help them raise a bit of awareness. And when it helps planners build gamification in to their event we simple have to shout from the roof tops about it! In general we believe that every planner should look at technology that helps them gamify their event and there would be no better place to start than a leaderboard promoting your promoters.

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