Being an event planner / event organiser is one of the most dynamic jobs in the world as well as one of the toughest.

New skills required of an event organiser

We think that if you want to move from a good organiser to a great organsier then ensuring that you concentrate on new skills each year will really help you develop and stay at the cutting edge of your profession. So onwards! What will 2014 demand of the cutting edge planner / organiser:

1. Really understand “online”

It is crucial that event organisers not only understand the terminology (online, blended, hybrid, streamed and recorded) of online events but really comprehend the differences between all the options when taking an event online. Delivering an event online needs a deep understanding of the subtleties that make online delivery very different from traditional event delivery.

2. Become a behavioural change expert

If you aren’t in the change business then you aren’t in business. It is crucial that organisers understand the impact of change. Not just at their events but the impact the new creative ways of delivering content will have on their bottom line and ultimately on their organisation. #eventprofs have to learn how to make change stick.

3. Be an unsurpassed networker

In an increasingly connected world, it is exceptionally important that event organisers are not left behind. We have to be able to call on other planners; great speakers; short notice reliable suppliers and a host of support professionals who can help us improve our event. Networking is crucial for the majority of your attendees so lead by example.

4. Be an event creative

Creative events are already stealing your audience so it is time to start to look creativity at how you can improve the experience and value of your event. Let’s create events not just organise them. This is why we are running Who Stole My Audience a creative conference for event creatives.

5. A sales person

Your events can do so much for your stakeholder and your organisations. Your events can do more for your attendees, exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and it is your job to ensure that everyone knows how valuable you and your events are in achieving business crucial objectives.

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6. An interaction expert

Successful events are all about creating the right interactions. Be that between the audience and the speaker or the attendees and the exhibitors. Planners must really understand how different audiences want to engage and support that engagement.

7. An event attendee

This should be a new entry in your job description. Event organisers will be better at their job when they attend more events. They should seek out the business events that are doing things differently and they should attend as many other events as possible.

8. Be a magpie

This isn’t an entire list of skills needed by an organsier; it is simply 10 new event organiser skills. We don’t have every minute spare to create new ways of doing things so don’t reinvent the wheel: learn from other #eventprofs

9. Shine in the limelight

Event Planners love being behind the camera and off stage, making sure everything works: it is there that most planners thrive. But it is time that more planners took to the stage, grabbed the microphone and started sharing their experiences. Our industry is full of the same old (normally men) who stand up and talk about events. It’s your time to shine.

10. Use data to improve your events

Owing to the nature of our events, we are surrounded by data. And it is time that #eventprofs did something with it. Big Data provides wonderful rich information for planners and many event technologies are now collecting a cornucopia of data for planner to use. Let’s start using it to improve our events and the bottom line at our events.

At the start of the last three years Gallus Events have been proving that with our list of the “10 new event planner skills” To see how fluid and dynamic the job of an event planner is check out last years New Skills Needed by an event organiser in 2013.