In 2013 Gallus Events undertook to transform a scientific congress into a true learning experience. The event was the British Dietetic Association’s flagship event, now called BDA Live and Online.

A very quick guide on how to transform a scientific congress

This is the presentation for BDA Live and Online which we presented to the BDA board. We said we would be transforming their scientific congress and we tried to visually show them how. If you have a flick through you will see what we planned to do with the congress.

Innovation in medical and scientific congresses

We put most of the things we write about in the blog into practice for the BDA. It is a big jump from a very traditional event. 

When and how to innovative

I believe that innovation is for every event and for every event organiser to master. But innovating is hard, especially when you have to persuade your stakeholders of the need to innovate. Often the case is that delegates who attend events seldom cry out for innovation! Fortunately the BDA were very open to a totally new approach to their event. They have been exceptionally brave and I believe their members are very lucky that their association is willing to take this particular risk on their behalf. We realise that the opportunity to transform an event like this is very rare indeed and that most associations and most events will see a more natural growth being a bit less risk averse.

Plant, grow, bloom and blossom

The BDA had a quite unusual position in that their annual event had not run the previous year. We were then able to be more adventurous with the innovation. Not only did we have a blank canvas but the association really felt like they needed to innovate and that they had little to lose.

The event in full bloom

BDA Live and Online transformed into into an event in full bloom by taking an innovative and experiential approach to the event. Gallus Events have worked with clients to support events in all of the above stages of growth. The approach to innovation in all of these events has to differ in some very subtle ways. However, in every event a creative and innovative approach has proved to improve the event and helped them achieve their objectives. Do let us know if you would like our support.