A good event consultant should take a little trip

It’s the first day for an event consultant in your office. You’ve discussed the outcomes and your event consultant has a vision for where your event business can go. They are eager to get started and you are wondering what’s the first thing they will look at? Well before your event consultant looks at the business through your eyes, they really should take a little technological journey.

An event technology trip

Here at Gallus Events we’ve been doing event consultancy for close to ten years. Over that time we’ve learned a thing or two about how event businesses work (or don’t work!) and you may be surprised to find out that often event technology has a major role to play. William our senior Event Consultant says: “Almost without fail when we consult for an events business one of the first areas to address is their use of Event Technology. This isn’t the sexiest of topics for a business undergoing a strategic review but it is often an area where we find very quick wins” 

Event Technology may have changed – but the process for reviewing it has stayed the same

It is of course impossible for Gallus Events to visit every event business that needs event consultancy but that would never stop us trying to help improve as many events as we can. In this short Blog we’ve posted a link to a slideshare that organisations can use as an outline when considering reviewing the technology in their organisation.

The process can be used if you are thinking about adding some new technology or you are doing a strategic review of your event business: it is a pretty flexible tool and we believe in keeping things pretty simple. Events don’t have to be complicated and many of our processes have built on years of running events. We think this little process will be very useful for a lot of event businesses. 


Could you be an event consultant?

I suppose the question should be would you even want to? However here’s a little exercise that will allow you to have a go at doing some event consultancy Here’s the exercise. It is based on an actual organisation. We’ve used this in sessions across the globe to help organisers look at the challenges in their organisations. It asks you to think about how this would help if they used the process in their own organisation. Feel free to download and try it out!

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