This show, more than any event which I have not run, will always have a special place in my heart. It was the catalyst for my move to Barcelona. My heart will always be in events and now, owing to EIBTM, my ‘corazón’ is now in Barcelona.

So “My EIBTM” is now a view of my home show and what a beautiful looking show! Countries from all over the world make an amazing line up of exhibitors. What a mind blowing list of speakers!

Lessons learned

As an Event Organsier it is impossible to visit too many events. There are lessons to learn, tips to pick up and notes of things to avoid: and that’s just from considering the look and feel of the event. On top of the normal things you can glean from every show I learned a lot from the speakers at EIBTM.

Like a good experience visiting a show shouldn’t just be about answers: you should leave with questions too and I have plenty for the industry following one of our biggest shows. But those questions are for my next Blog.

The first thing I learned was that I am not a morning person. Despite living only 7K from the exhibition hall I missed the early morning sessions, every morning!

The Tech Experts

The earliest session (and it started at 12pm) I made was on the last day. A great panel session looking at technology in events. And here’s what I picked up:

The Tech Panel at EIBTM. Click on the picture to see who these experts are

– Adding a quiz element to a session increases learning by 20% and adding a prize increases that another 20% (please welcome on stage…….Gamification!)

– The World isn’t going mobile it’s gone mobile! The events industry has (once again) shown that it lags in technology take up and that is to its detriment. We have to catch up.

– Never introduce technology for technologies sake: it has to be integrated into your event: it has to make sense. Making it part of the narrative of the day really works.

The power of emotion has to be harnessed in events – thinking inside the box!

This session was a real challenge for the audience. Hosted by Raimond Torrernts the session, in a lovingly put together and very practical way, involved all the emotions to demonstrate the impact all of your senses have on learning. It was also really great fun!

As the session was in Castilian it was even more of a challenge for me and having my head (so did everyone else) in a cardboard box really meant it was the most challenging session of EIBTM. But well worth attending.

Here are two links to content from this session. The first video link demonstrates the power that emotion can play in marketing. I felt quite emotional watching it in Barcelona as it is set in my real home city of Glasgow.

The second video demonstrates the potential our events have for our organisations if we “think INSIDE the box”

Gianfranco Chicco’s session:

The most cerebral session of EIBTM was this fantastic session from a true events visionary. GC looked at why we must consider changing people’s behaviour when we run innovative events. He also addressed the innovative ways we can analyse the fundamentals of how and why we do the things we do when running our events.

It was a shame that it wasn’t particularly well attended considering how fantastic the content. This was no doubt down to the mindboggling wide choice of sessions (more on that in my next Blog). However for the chosen ones who attended there was a goldmine of tips and pointers to make a real difference to the events we run.

GC concentrated on ways in which the organiser can influence their stakeholders. The importance of influencing is one of the main areas Gallus Events (through our events and our Blog) will be focussing on next year.

Gianfranco’s session was full of a deep understanding of how to successfully influence our organisations. I was a “scribbling pencil” at the front making endless notes and I have already followed GC’s advice and bought “Disrupt” and subscribed to BJ Fogg’s newsletter. I would urge other organsiers to do the same. As well as of course signing up to GC’s newsletter.

How technology has changed the way we organise events

This was delivered during the association day but it deserves a much wider audience. Julius Solaris looked at the impact of technology on our events in a practical and very amusing session. I also love that he then created the session as an info-graphic.What a wonderful idea! Wouldn’t it be great if every speaker was able to do something like this? Properly supported by the organiser of course.

With hundreds of sessions going on at EIBTM I hope this little summary of my EIBTM provides a few useful pointers. You can visit our Pinterest Board of EIBTM as well.

Here’s the whole wonderful info-graphic from JS

Full image and description here-> Event Technology Infographic
Courtesy of Event Manager Blog

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