I’ve picked out eight things that often appear on event marketing for conferences and exhibitions.Telling Event Porkie Pies are we?I’ve picked out eight things that often appear on event marketing for conferences and exhibitions.

I’ve picked out eight things that often appear on event marketing for conferences and exhibitions. You will no doubt be quite familiar with many of these stock phrases, and in the past, you may have even used one to two. There is nothing wrong with any of these phrases as long as they are actually true. Your event marketing of course has to be truthful.

If event marketers and event planners really want to say all these things then how can we ensure that they are all true? So here goes. I’ve listed those eight phrases and added a bit of an explanation on how you can actually deliver. Here’s how to “How To Tell The Truth About Your Amazing Event”

Event Marketing truths

1. “Space is limited.” When it comes to learning and networking events size isn’t everything. Yes it’s great for the bottom line but it shouldn’t all be about profit. Think about how you are able to ensure that attendees meet ALL the people they want to meet. How can you structure the content so that attendees are able to take all of it in and crucially remember it? And finally set an attendance target that is achievable and really do close your bookings when you reach that number. Remember size isn’t everything.

2. “Tickets are going fast”. A solid strategic long term marketing strategy backed up by evidence of great content at your event; contextual marketing in the lead up to your event and the promise of proper networking will mean your tickets actually do ‘go fast’.

3. “For a limited time.” Think strategically about your discounts. People are becoming more and more familiar with the concept of early bookings discounts and offers. If you have a great event a good tiered approach to pricing will help it sell. Offering limited only options do really work. But please don’t use the phrase “early bird rate”. It’s a pet hate of mine.

4. “Only on Facebook”. Don’t be fooled by the all seeing and knowing power of Facebook. Use Facebook for engagement not discounts. Oh!!! Controversial. 

5. “We feature interactive sessions”. Use the tools at your disposal from the Conference Architect’s /Meeting Designer’s tool box. Interactive doesn’t mean a Q&A session. It means allowing attendees to create the content and the discussions; allowing them time to talk through the content. This will help your event marketing sparkle.

6. “The Biggest Event in the Industry”. A great event is objective led. To be the biggest just for that sake if it can be a silly, pointless and miss- directed objective. You shouldn’t be aiming for this. You should be aiming to run the best particular event in the industry: not the biggest.

7. “Attend to become an expert”. The point is that no one can become an expert from attending an event. But you can become better at what you do. But the content you cover has to be exceptional. So aim for exceptional content and amazing speakers. Learn how the brain learns; stimulate through all the senses; design experiences not events; support and educate your speakers.

8. “Connect with potential partners and clients”. Don’t be scared to put suppliers and purchasers together at times during the day. Help them find each other – do some match making! If they both want the conversations to happen then help them happen.

How we talk about our events through our event marketing has always been important. The big change over the last few years is that it is easier for our current, present and past attendees to talk about our event as well. They can all play a part in your event marketing strategy. If you do use the phrases above then make sure they are not only true but that they are easily quotable and evidenced based. This will help your attendees share that event marketing. Everyone likes spreading the truth.

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