We were very fortunate to be able to persuade Stefania Conti-Vecchi to run a couple of round tables for us at Tech-Fest. Her Pecha-Kucha session went down so well it ensured her tables were packed to hear more about mobile apps.

Using iPad apps for events

The features of the apps that were the most discussed on the Eventagist’s table were related to:

– registration of attendees

– guest list management

– apps to share information and contents with the audience and

– tools to collect feedback and to engage participants.

The Top Tips when using apps for your event

Be sure to check:

1. the availability of the apps you choose to use at your event in the Appstores of the countries involved in your event

2. Pay attention to updates and bugs (the apps change names and icons frequently)

3. The availability of the service they in the location/country/state of your event

4. Wifi connectivity in the venue selected (if required from the app you are going to use) Some apps need the devices to be under the same wifi

Things attendees like!

1. Some apps are useful tools that helps organizers and attendees to make their “event -life” easier

2. We like to collaborate with apps developers to help them to improve their products and help them to answer the meeting industry needs

3. Knowing that everything is growing and going better day by day and if the app you are looking for isn’t there today if maybe there tomorrow!

Things attendees hate

1. Apps with functionality reserved to some specific categories of attendees (for example only for hosted buyers!)

2. When they exclude non-tech people – a non-tech solution should be always available!

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