Great moments in history are described as “Events”. But how many events are great moments in history? When we think of conferences or exhibitions they are of course never going to be monumental occasions so how about a much simpler question: how many business events are even just memorable?

I will leave that question hanging in the air……….. So if we want to make the things that we do better and the times that we bring people together more memorable we have to think about creating experiences not events.

Be memorable for the right reasons

There are events that we remember because they were BAD. This is not what I mean by being memorable! Let’s concentrate on not having people just talk about your event but talk positively about it. Here’s a list of five practical approaches that the organiser can take to start creating experiences and not just events:

1. Question everything. And I mean everything. At the planning stage think what can we do differently for this event? Many of the events we organise are annual events so it’s an even easier question to ask: what can we do differently this year? By starting this approach at the planning stage it’s likely that you will be in the “experience” frame of mind.

2. Adopt a magpie approach. “The best idea I ever had wasn’t mine” Go to other events and if you see something you like then do it at your event. We don’t have to be totally original to be memorable. There are some events that talk about creating an experience so search them out and attend.

3. Look at the event from your attendee’s perspective. This may sound simple and trite but I often question organisers: do you do this or do you just give it lip service? Think as an attendee: what will I truly remember from this event? Don’t be worried if you find an answer hard to come by as just by asking the question you are already half way to organising an experience.

4. Objectives are important and powerful. So how about including in your event plan an objective that says “Create a truly memorable experience for attendees”. Like all good objectives you will have to make this measurable.

5. Realise it can be the little things as well as the big things that make an event memorable. Memorable events shouldn’t cost a lot of money.

Badges at Tech Fest 2

Memorable events

If you consider all of the above at the start of your event it is likely that you will come up with some great ideas that make your event memorable. Helping people remember your event is the first step into delivering a true experience.

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