So first and foremost what is Pinterest? and how can you use pinterest for events? I can hear the overworked voice in your head saying, God not some other form of social media that I have to keep up with!? Unfortunately so, but it is worth it, well I think so!

What exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is basically your own personal picturesque magazine. Using images that do speak louder than words. The images that you use (or ‘pin’) provide a message, voice and signal for your audiences. Creativity is a must so it’s ideal for the visual world of Events.

Pinterest’s rapid growth is pretty impressive and looks like it is going to be a front runner with Twitter and Facebook very soon. But is it worth signing up? Are the terms clear for user? How will it help your business?

Short Answer: Pinterest is FREE and using it allows you to take advantage of one of the best aspects of an event; it’s visual appeal. So why the hell not sign up!

Using Pinterest for Events

Five top reasons why Pinterest is great resource and a must have for the event industry:
1. Viewers are attracted to visuals before they piece the metrics together. I have recently repinned a wonderful photograph of a fairground which sums up the wonderful visuals of events!
2. Like other forms of social media you may reach out to an audience that you never have communicated with before? Who wouldn’t want to build a bigger community.
3. You can use the boards on the day – creating buzz, engagement and excitement for your attendees, which will provide excellent networking opportunities.
4. Using Pinterest at your event will give you a chance to have a look into your attendees personalities and visual minds – a complete new take on psychometrics!
5. Invite attendees or interested attendees to inform you visually what they would like to see at the event they are attending OR ask for feedback visually after the event. Aren’t delegates tired of filling out questionnaires?

All you need to do is THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX and bingo – everyone loves a trend setter!

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