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Which events to attend

There are a lot of cutting edge events  happening in the calendar over the next 12 months and I urge everyone  to seek out the ones that do things differently. You will see the conferences that discuss new formats and new delivery: they will look different, fresh and innovative.

There will also be a lot of events that aren’t doing anything different. So please do yourself a favour and avoid them. In order to help you here are ten things to look out for if you are attending any  events in the next 12 months:

1. The integration of hybrid formats

2. If they haven’t used a traditional websites for the conference

3. Events which concentrate on the right audience not just the right number of attendees

4. The Conference openly saying they are paying and / or training speakers

5. Conferences which have been designed by a Conference Architect or involve a lot of meeting design

6. Organisations properly briefing their speakers and ensuring they meet them before you see them speak!

7. Conferences with a variety of formats on the day

8. Conferences with more involvement from the delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors before, during and after the event

9. Social Media playing a much more active role in the event

10. Conferences thinking about and structuring delegates learning and networking before, during and after

If you aren’t seeing more than half a dozen of this list don’t attend the event. Seek out the innovative events and attend them. These events will be worth it. And you will see the true value that the events industry can deliver. 

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