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17 January 2012

Event Camp Movement goes ‘DownUnder’ in 2012

2012 is set to be the year of experimentation for event people! To prepare event professionals for the roller coaster ride the first global Event Camp for 2012 and the first ever Event Camp DownUnder will take place in Sydney, Auckland and online on 26th and 27th February.

Event Camp DownUnder is part of an international movement, spreading like wildfire through drought-stricken bush. Event Camps were established to connect event professionals with the latest and greatest trends in the event world. Hybridisation … ‘un-conferences’ … how to managevirtual audiences effectively … using digital media platforms to create lasting communities … just some of the current burning issues. But instead of just talking about the issues as is typical in a conventional conference, the Event Camp format means everyone involved ‘lives’ them and can test what works, what’s easy, what’s fun and, frankly, what might never apply in their own situation but is just cool to know about.

‘Event Camp DownUnder will be live in Sydney and Auckland, with a virtual hookup through streaming video on our website and Facebook page’ says event organiser Josh Dry, from ShowGizmo. Industry thought leaders DownUnder ShowGizmo, IML, eTouches and the A-List Guide have teamed up to produce the event as part of their commitment to the industry and to learning what’s out there” and coming next – locally and internationally.‘We have a killer line up of more than 13 expert speakers and facilitators from around the world, leading debates and posing questions to the audience on topics like gamification, hybrid events mobile apps and creating communities,” Josh says.

The speakers will have an allocated 30minute slot in which to inspire, poll the audience, communicate with the remote attendees via a live stream, twitter walls, and the feed into Auckland’s ‘Pod’. The intention is to successfully display a hybrid event in action.

Expecting more than 70 #eventprofs in the room in Sydney, 25 in Auckland and a virtual audience of hundreds, the event organisers have kept the ticket price low at only $75,‘We want this event to be accessible to every event professional and get some amazing conversations happening that will fuel event and technology design in 2012,’ Josh says.

For more information and to register or contact one of the organising committee:,,….




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