It’s the big night. You’ve been looking forward to it for ages. You’d chosen this particular event, not because you’d been before, but because all your research has told you it was the ‘one to be at’. You booked your ticket months ago and you dropped your suit into the dry cleaners with greedy anticipation. Your transport and your hotel were lovingly booked by your secretary, who knew how much this one meant to you. So willing are you to make this a success that you even took-up the free lessons offered by the organisers to ensure that you knew all the moves. You thought about everything; you looked confident in the Paul Smith suit, but not too cocksure and your opening line was a sure fire winner. You visited the venue and spoke to a few more experienced performers to find out if they had any tips.  

So crucial was this evening that you had already started a few conversations on-line with the people you were interested in. How impressed would Sarah be that you already knew about the recent trouble at her work, and that you were positive you could help. Sure some of the ‘competition’ had spent a lot more on what they looked like, but you hadn’t seen any of them at the lessons, or on-line. And with what confidence you now approached the challenge! No hiding behind pillars, clutching some new technology, seeking out only those that you knew! With proper planning you would be the one that people remembered.

When you look at the prep your average Joe Exhibitor puts (or more precisely doesn’t put) in to his appearance on the trade show floor, it looks nothing like this. But just imagine this isn’t a trade show but your high school prom? Well, Mr Exhibitor, who would dance with you?

Remember how much effort went into your preparation for the final school dance of the year, or the graduation ball? It’s never a surprise that a lot of exhibitors find themselves on the edge of the dance floor staring in, complaining that despite having the biggest drinks budget and the nice stand………..they rarely get the last dance.

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