This book demonstrates the need for a strategic approach to event management in the association sector and explains in detail how your organisation can add more value to your members while improving your bottom line.

“Successful Events for Not for Profit Organisations” is the first book written by William Thomson and is published by Lansdowne Publishing Parternship Limited.

ISBN 978-0-9568654-0-3.

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Successful Events for Not for Profit Organisations – has four key messages:

• Events can generate a lot of revenue as well as deliver a valuable member service

• Event organisers must be allowed to take control of events

• Events can do much more than just earn revenue and provide a service to members

• Commercialising your events is the key to successful events in the not for profit sector

This book is designed to demonstrate the need for a strategic approach to event management.

Everyone involved and interested in the strategic role that events can play will gain insight from the areas discussed.

With practical examples and thought provoking questions in every chapter we see how the event organiser and senior management can together shape the events business for the benefits of stakeholders or members.

The book addresses the barriers event managers face in delivering success, from the big picture to the smallest detail. It is essential reading for the growing number of Non Profit professionals in this crucial discipline. IanWalkden, National Director, Habitat for Humanity

This book is particularly useful to ‘volunteers’ who act as Association Officers. You will realise the solutions are literally in your own hands. Read the book, be brave and learn the lessons. Roger Coates,Vice President for Congress Affairs, International Radiation Protection Association

Invaluable advice for successful not for profit events. Andrew Large, Chief Executive, CSSA and Chair, Trade Association Forum

An exceptionally practical book which demonstrates a real understanding of the event management process. Sharon McElhinney, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University

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