Professional Publishers Association

An interesting project for Gallus Events which included presenting to the Professional Publishers’ Associations’s members in Scotland as well as supporting their Scottish based Events Manager to re-evaluate their largest events.

It is particularly flattering to be asked to speak in front of an Association’s members. At the end of 2015 William presented a short session as part of a half day seminar on events. In April 2016 William was back in front of the PPA members to deliver a one day training course entitled: “Creating Creative Events”.

A few weeks later William spent the day with the PPA’s team in Edinburgh looking at their two largest upcomming events. William offered advice and support to help the team to focus on the areas that would most add value to attendees.

With limited resources the team have to be super efficient and no where is that efficiency more important than in raising revenue. William concentrated on the process for securing sponsorship as well as supporting a re-evaluation of pricing and promotion.

Gallus Events really enjoyed working with an association who took a holitic appraoch to their events.