NHS Confederation

The NHS Confederation is the only membership body that brings together and speaks on behalf all organisations that plan, commission and provide NHS services. Every year the Confederation organises one of the largest and most important conferences in the health sector in the UK.

In 2014, 100 per cent of delegates asked said it was worthwhile taking time out of the office to attend, 94 per cent rated the event as good or excellent and 96 per cent would recommend the conference to a colleague. Despite this exceptionally good feedback the NHS Confederation were still striving to improve the conference.

Gallus Events continues to support the team to add texturisaiton to the conference programme and to help them understand how they could tweak an already exceptionally successful conference. When considering adding some new formats to your conference or meeting you first need to look at the conference content you plan to cover. This can be a daunting task. All those sessions and all those speakers! It can seem almost impossible to know where to start.

Another medical organisation for whom we delivered event consultancy

Our in-house workshops focus on helping the cross organisational team understand the potential for adding meeting design to their conference. We cover the variety of sessions open to the conference designers as well as how to ensure that the right formats are chosen. We have no doubt that a bit of texturisation at their next conference will add to an already very successful conference.

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