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Medical Event Consultancy

Our Consultant carried out a two week review of the AO Foundation events. Conducting medical association event consultancy is a very particular area within the event consultancy field. This was Gallus Event’s first contract in Switzerland and was a fantastic project to be involved with.

AO Foundation events

This large Medical Foundation organise several events including a unique set of residential courses in Davos. As well as this large event, one of their Clinical Divisions has a large congress, and the Foundation also organise several mid sized events for staff, faculty and volunteers. All of this was covered in our medical association event consultancy.

There are several teams involved in the Foundation’s events, with the teams located in two different Swiss cities. This, of course, proves a challenge for sharing best practice; and within the teams there is certainly plenty of best practice to share! Our Consultant therefore concentrated on ensuring that best practice would be supported within the new structure.

In detail, over two weeks, our Consultant analysed how the current events were supported across the organsiation. Our Consultant then proceeded to recommend how their events could be supported more efficiently and effectively. Our Consultant recommended several practical ways to increase the efficiency of delivery, as well as recommending the areas to concentrate on to improve the event experience for attendees.

Our report included a detailed benchmarking exercise and also looked at developing a new process for researching and delivering new events.

One of Gallus Events’s main strengths is their knowledge and experience of the association sector. Gallus Events was able to include a timeline for our recommendations that took into account the particular environment and culture of the AO Foundation.

This exceptionally detailed report was delivered towards the end of 2016 and Gallus Events are excited to see how the Foundation reacts to our recommendations. We are excited about the possibility of working more closely with the AO Foundation.

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