An Innovative and Inspiring Keynote Event Speaker

Variety of sessions covering almost every aspect of event management

On the money and down to earth. William talks the talk and he ensures that he walks the walk. His sessions are built on his own experience across almost 20 years as an event organiser.

William is able to tailor these presentations and is also able to address other areas within events. However these are his most popular sessions:

  • Tools Tips and Techniques to Run Fantastic Events (Audience: Event Planners)
  • Running Association and Other Not for Profit Events (Audience: Senior Association Executives)
  • How to Run More Events (Audience: Event Planners / Event Managers / Senior Executives)
  • Creative Sponsorship (Audience: Event Managers, Sponsorship Managers)
  • Understanding and Implementing Change in Events (Audience: all levels)
  • The Make-up of the ‘New Event Planner’ (Audience: all levels)
  • Using Event Technology Wisely – Create Time to be Creative (Audience: Event Planners / Event Managers

KEYNOTE sessions include

Making Good Planners Great

Over the last few years the role of the event planner has changed. No longer are event planners seen as an administrator or simply a logistics person. No more are they seen stuffing bags and arranging table plans. The new event planner is seen as a strategist who understands how people and organisations like to communicate. A designer of environments and of experiences. A powerful influencer and a commanding presence. Well, of course, this isn’t true of every organization or every planner, but once they have attended this session they see an achievable path to becoming great. Packed full of interesting and engaging anecdotes that demonstrate the tips, tools and techniques that William has used and developed to turn good planners into GREAT planners.

Stop Organising Events and Start Organising Experiences

A wonderful session where William charts the early highs of the event industry juxtaposing that with the current lows. He paints a picture of an industry regarded as creative, but seriously lacking in creativity. He creates a shared belief of an industry that can play a major role in most organisations. He outlines his vision for the role that every planner can play in their organisation. He charts the journey for every events business to make their events stand out.

From Page Three to Front Page News – An Event Journey

With almost twenty years organising events William’s journey is a wonderful metaphor for the whole event industry. From early success to very public failure, he charts a very personal and inspiring course through an industry that has undergone a huge amount of change. He outlines the key beliefs that have maintained his position as a leading voice in the events industry. He discusses the epiphany that turned him from a “conference producer” to a “conference architect” Over the last 5 years William has been at the cutting edge of events and his future plans mark a visionary approach for the whole event industry.

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