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Homeless Hackathons

In the spring of 2018 Gallus Events organised the first dedicated Hackathon in support of the homeless in Scotland. We felt we had to do something to support a city (like most large cities) struggling to support a desperate situation and a growing homeless community.

William flipped the classic design of a hackathon and included pitches from homelessness organisations. Forty attendees came up with their own solutions as well as ones to support several Glasgow based homelessness organisations. Those solutions would help them better support the homeless community in Glasgow.

In January 2019 William was invited to Pittsburgh, by PCMA, to speak to Event Organisers about his hackathon. Later that year PCMA would run their first homeless hackathon.

While fact finding for his role as a mentor at the PCMA homeless hackathon, William met with SF Travel and heard first hand the difficulties that San Francisco, and the wider Bay area, providing support for the homeless community. William couldn’t leave the city without committing to help.

Later that year William decided to “gently persuade” as many organisations as possible, starting with major players in the events industry to act to support homelessness.

The results have led to several homeless hacakthons, run or supported by Gallus Events, across the globe.

If you would like to run a homeless hackathon in your town or city, please to get in touch.

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Homeless Hackathon Glasgow 2018

November 2019

Homeless Hackathon, San Francisco

February, 2020

Homeless Hackathon, Sevilla, (tbc)

March 2020

Homeless Hackathon, Brussels, (tbc)

May 2020

Homeless Hackathon, Frankfurt (tbc)

September, 2020

Homeless Hackathon, Las Vegas, (tbc)

November, 2019

Homeless Hackathon, London, (tbc)