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AI to help speaker presentations

As an event organiser, it’s not every day that you receive an email talking about Artificial Intelligence. I am sure that this will change over the coming years, but for the moment, AI and events? Tell me more! “Have you ever wished someone would just make your presentation for you? New Haiku Deck Zuru uses artificial […]

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Gallus Events is a Living Wage employer

Last month we decided to register as a Living Wage employer. It was one of those when I get round to it things that I manged to finally get round to doing. I’ve never really been one for collecting badges (I do like this badge though) but I thought, maybe if I register and promote […]

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Speaking at the EuBea Festival 2016

“In every day life being different is difficult, but in the world of events being different is exceptionally challenging. It is not enough to have innovative and creative ideas, event organisers must have an understanding and appreciation of behavioural change.” – Introduction to the EuBea Festival EuBea Festival – the international festival of events and […]

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