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Pauline has had a career in events for around 20 years and has worked with a variety of commercial conference organisations and associations. Pauline is skilled at identifying profitable business opportunities and developing commercial partnerships whilst putting the customer experience at the centre.

As Commercial Director at the ACT, Pauline led the organisation to sensational profitability on events as well as structural change within the organisation’s marketing, including a rebrand and market positioning.

Over the past year, Pauline has enjoyed consultancy projects with ICAEW and the Emerging Payments Association as well as running some 20 training courses for the Media House.

A very focused, target driven and commercially minded business leader, Pauline loves developing teams and bringing out the best in people to excellent results.

Pauline runs the following courses:

Pauline's Expertise

Pauline has experience across a wide range of operational and strategic areas within a variety of event businesses.

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