Hiring an event consultant should be a strategic decision

Opening up your business, warts and all, to anyone from the outside is a brave and bold decision

In order to help organisations understand the inns and outs we have listed our “Frequently Asked Questions” and we hope they help. You can also contact our lead consultant William directly if you want to know anything more about our event consultancy:

Q: How do I know how many days consultancy it will take?

No two organisations are the same but with experience we’ve become very good at estimating how long it will take us to deliver your objectives. Take advantage of our free 1hr consultancy to see exactly how long we think it will take us to turn around your events or your events department.

Q: I am skeptical of consultants. I’ve seen reports that aren’t any good from consultants who don’t really understand our business. How is Gallus Events different?

We would suggest you spend ten minutes reading some of our blog posts. Everything in these sections is from Gallus Events. We don’t rehash or re-use other people’s event collateral. We put all of this knowledge and experience into our work and into the final  report that we deliver. If you are considering using any other consultant why not ask to see their unique event collateral? It’s important that you feel the passion from your consultant.

Q: What does a report actually look like?

Consultancy can look a bit like this but for much more detail you can read some of our actual reports. Simply drop us a note and we will happily send you the most appropriate report.

Q: How much time will a consultant spend with our staff?

We know how important your staff’s time is and how they need to continue to deliver while we are with you. In order to maximise the time we have with your staff we ask for as much information as possible to be sent to us before we spend time with you. We make sure that we are very well briefed so we can instantly start to look for solutions. Of course it is exceptionally important that we hear from as many staff as possible so we stay flexible and work around their diaries.

We love detail so we will spend time looking at budgets, databases, event software and all of your processes and procedures. We keep ourselves very busy when your staff are busy.

Q: Do we just get a report at the end of the consultancy and left to get on with it?

We deliver as practical a report as possible detailing ‘quick wins’ and longer term ‘goals’ in order to allow you to quickly implement our recommendations. However we realise that it may be hard to alter the course of your business or implement big changes without additional expert support. We therefore detail how we can continue to support your events.

Can Gallus Event help you in 2016?

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