event industry and homelessness

What happens after a hackathon

I’ve had a few event organisers get in touch with me following the post last year about how an organisation can make the most of a hackathon. One of the questions I was asked was “what happens after a hackathon as it seems very different from other types of events?” This is a brilliant question […]

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how big events must consider the locals

The Edinburgh Festival how large events must consider the locals

There are many different things you are taught as an event organiser, but one ever present is that “big is beautiful” There’s scarcely an events organiser who doesn’t want their small event to grow to epic proportions. However sometimes the size of your current event is as big as it needs to be. Events don’t […]

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The stressful job of an event professional

I was asked my GEVME a great event marketing and management platform to contribute to an article about relieving stress before an event. The advice from the experienced planners is very useful in removing pre event ┬ástress from the stressful job of an event professional. Try and relax, picture a good event and try and […]

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