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The perfect speaker briefing

There is a direct correlation between how well a speaker is briefed and how good the conference will be. The better the briefing the better the content. And therefore the better the conference. So how do you design the perfect speaker briefing? How are you briefing your speakers I often talk about the 700 or so […]

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tips on organising an amazing event

How to run an amazing event an overview of what the best events do

I would like to think that anyone can learn how to run an amazing event. Even if you are running an annual general meeting, a staff away day, an exhibition, product launch or a conference I see no reason that it can’t be an amazing event. As an industry we have to move away from […]

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why we are organising a homeless hackathon

“I work from home” How often have I said this since I moved to Barcelona. Our small events company does its thing (mainly consultancy) from my home / office. Like many people who work from home we never quite realise how lucky we are. It’s the shortest commute known to man. I can juggle numerous […]

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